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Celebrating Social Enterprise in Kirklees: Clem’s Garden CIC

For Global Entrepreneurship Week & Social Enterprise Day 2021

“Strengthening our community.
Nurturing experience, talents, friendships…and flowers.”

Clem’s Garden CIC is a social enterprise based in Huddersfield. It is run entirely by local adult volunteers who range in age and family circumstances.  However, it was established with a particular focus on offering people who are 50+ and who don’t have children or grandchildren, an alternative opportunity for their care, skills and experience to be valued.

The team works together to grow and sell environmentally sustainable cut flowers; supporting local charities and community projects with their profits; and using the flowers as a vehicle for inspiring kindness, neighbourliness and community spirit.

In 2019 Clem’s Garden donated their profits of £3000 to One Community, who matched it to generate £6000 of grant funding for local community causes.

In 2020 Clem’s Garden donated more than 550 jars of flowers (over 6500 flower stems) to neighbourhood volunteers to deliver to isolated neighbours along with essential food and medicine supplies. And then in spite of further periods of lockdown and working within restrictions, they’ve been able to make a further donation of £2000 to the One Community Foundation in 2021.

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Clem’s Garden


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To get help with your social enterprise idea, contact: comms@tslkirklees.org.uk


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