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TSL Kirklees Community Anchor Network

Helping local groups to make great things happen

Kirklees Community Anchor Network

making great things happen

Every community has people using their time, energy, motivation and skills to make great things happen in their community.

Usually they are in third sector community organisations – as trustees, management committee members, social entrepreneurs or organisers. They may be in paid or volunteer roles.

There is evidence that the groups, activities and projects community groups organise have a real impact on relationships, community space and our health and wellbeing.

Community Anchors are the support system for community organisations and for the people involved in running them.

SUPPORTING local groups

Community Anchors are established local organisations who share their experience, contacts, knowledge, resources and expertise with other local organisations.

Community Anchors listen to those working in communities and share information. They bring people together and help create plans. They help organisations develop, collaborate and influence the decisions that affect their communities.

Like TSL Kirklees, Anchors work in enabling and co-productive ways with those in communities who are organising groups and activities, building on strengths and alliances.

Co-production is a key value. See the Parable of the Blobs and Squares video to understand our values and approach.

community anchors in action

Growing Focal Video

Community Anchor in action – case study 1

Community Anchor in action – case study 2

Community Anchor in action – case study 3

LS2Y as a Community Anchor supporting Kickstart CIC

Thornton Lodge Action Group as a Community Anchor

The Rural Anchor website developed by Denby Dale Centre in their Community Anchor role.

The new Valleys Anchor CIC is now up and running.

Community anchors have supported the development of Kirklees Council’s Livewell Community Directory pilot in Batley, Spen and Rural areas.

Community Anchors Network meetings:

  • 19 July 2023 – Community Anchor Network

Get in touch to find out more.

Get support, Connect and unite

Community Anchor Support includes training, learning, advice on governance, information about funding, communications expertise or anything which helps community groups work in effective, inclusive and accountable ways. Anchors can help organisations to reach local people as volunteers or those in need of support.

Community Anchors Connect community organisations to other local groups and activities, to buildings, spaces and services such as Social Prescribing or other Health Services. Anchors can also connect to decision-makers including local grant-makers, politicians and Council contacts.

Community Anchors Unite community organisations, bringing people together to share plans and ideas, have a strong voice on community concerns and work together on more ambitious community projects.

TSL kirklees Community anchor network

Third Sector Leaders Kirklees coordinates and develops the Community Anchor Network.

TSL provides the systems, structures and support that help Anchors work together, helping them to make best use of resources and evidence their impact.

TSL works closely with Community Anchors and with Council and Health services (particularly Social Prescribing) to ensure an inclusive, joined up, effective, accountable Community Anchor Network.

Understanding community anchors

These short documents, PowerPoints and videos explain the model and approach to Community Anchors in Kirklees.

This model is evolving. Get in touch for more details. Current documentation is below

Introducing Community Anchors Video

Introducing Community Anchors PowerPoint

Expectations of Community Anchor organisations

Quarterly report template for Community Anchors

Organisation list template for Community Anchors

Community Anchor Plan template

Community activity and SOCIAL PRESCRIBING

Getting involved in community groups and activities can seriously improve your health and wellbeing!

Social Prescribing services take referrals from GPs and self-referrals too. They work with individuals who have health support needs, helping them to find the right organisation or activity to join in their community.

Community activity, alongside medication and clinical support, can help people manage all kinds of physical and mental health conditions.

Social Prescribing Link Workers spend time getting to know people, exploring options, providing encouragement and building confidence to take the first step into a community activity.

Community Anchors and Social Prescribing services work together, ensuring Kirklees communities have accessible community activity which supports health and wellbeing.

The health data informing priorities for Primary Care Networks in Kirklees is available here.

Find your local Social Prescribing Link Worker and more about the service on the Kirklees Council website.

FInd your community anchor

There are 5 Lead Community Anchors – and a growing network of Local Community Anchors.

You can find your Community Anchor in the FAQs below, or you can download a postcard with the main contacts on.

FIND out more

See the FAQ below.

If you are involved in running a community organisation in Kirklees, then joining TSL Kirklees will ensure you get all the information and news you need. Joining is free and simple.

other support & advice

You can take a look at the FAQs, links and resources below, to see if you can find the information you need about things like registering as a charity or formalising the legal structure of your organisation. Plus, of course, you can access our free support from the main TSL Kirklees team at any time too, on:

  • training, networking & events
  • funding support & info
  • help with recruiting volunteers or staff
  • help with promoting your events, activities & services
  • advice & support

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What is a TSL Kirklees Community Anchor organisation?

A respected local voluntary sector organisation which understands its neighbourhood and supports other community groups to collaborate with Council/ Health partners to address local priorities and needs.

What does a TSL kirklees community anchor do?

A Community Anchor helps local groups to make great things happen.

They do this by helping local groups to:

  • Get Support – that will help them grow sustainably, and access resources, information, advice and opportunities that can help them do this.
  • Connect – with each other, local people who need their activities and services, and key local stakeholders and decision-makers (such as local Councillors, Kirklees Council, GPs, NHS trusts and community health services) who can help and support them.
  • Unite – in order to grow stronger by creating partnerships, trust and collaboration

Who is my local community anchor?

There are five Lead Anchors organisations, each covering one of five areas of Kirklees – Huddersfield, Batley and Spen, Dewsbury, Denby Dale and Kirkburton, and the Holme and Colne Valleys.  (We’ve split the ‘Rural’ area of Kirklees into two as it’s a huge area to cover with several distinct communities.)

The Lead Anchors will be supported by a number of Local Anchor organisations, who will help them cover the whole of their area.



Batley & Spen

Denby Dale & Kirkburton (MAST PCN)

Holme & Colne Valleys (Valleys PCN)

  • Lead Anchor: Valleys Anchor Network, Contact – Duggs Carre, 07973 961159, talktoduggs@pm.me
  • Local Anchors: Crossroads, Contact – Sue Priestley. Also The Colne Valley Anchor Network (a partnership including Marsden Community Trust, Colne Valley Help and Pride in Linthewaite). Contact – Jonny Kelly

More Information

Community Anchors News

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