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We can help with

support with finding funding

We can help you work out what funding you need and find the right funder. We can work with you on a one-to-one basis, or you can come along to one of our workshops or events.

We run a Funding Fair a couple of times a year, when we invite a range of funders, from the National Lottery to smaller local funders like One Community and The Loose Change Charity along for you to meet.

We also run regular workshops throughout the year on:

  • Finding Your Funder
  • Applying to Trusts and Foundations
  • Bid writing

And we always try to highlight new funding opportunities at our networking events and Members’ Meetings.

what can i apply for now?

You can find details of all the current funds that are accepting applications below. We also share these on social media and send them out in our monthly newsletter.

support with writing applications

We can also help you work on your applications, again either on a one-to-one basis or at one of our regular bid writing workshops. These cover things like:

  • Writing Your First Bid
  • Improving Your Grant Applications

If you haven’t applied for funding before you can start with one of our TSL Kirklees Small Grants Funds and we’ll support you through the process. See Current Funding Opportunities for ones that are open now, or speak to us to find out more.

Partnership bids

To access larger pots of longer-term funding, you may need to be part of a partnership of organisations all working together. We can help you make those connections, if you haven’t done already, and work on your application.



where do I start?

There are a few funders that we always signpost people to, so it’s always worth starting with these:

what do I need to think about?

    • How much do you need?
    • What’s it for?
    • Do you fit the criteria for this particular grant?
    • Some funders may only fund registered charities
    • Social enterprises may be eligible for both third sector and business grants (but will be excluded most grants from Charitable Trusts and Foundations)
    • Social enterprises will be eligible for social investment funding and loans
    • Most funders will only fund you if you have 3+ people on your board of trustees/directors or management committee and they may specify that some or all need to be unrelated

For more information about governance and legal structures for your organisation see:

    • Who will you be working with?
    • Do you need staff or volunteers to deliver the project?
    • What are your costs?
    • Do you have a bank account?
    • How will you keep a record of how you’ve spent the money?
    • Do you have insurance and the correct policies and procedures that a funder might expect?
    • How are you going to show what you’ve achieved/the impact you’ve had?
    • Can I apply to more than 1 funder at the same time?
    • Can I apply to more than 1 funder raise enough money?
    • Can I rework the application and send it to someone else if we’re not successful?
    • Can I rework my application and resubmit it?
    • Do I need some independent help/feedback on my application?

If you need help or advice with any of this, please get in touch.

Where can I find new funders to try?

Kirklees for funding

Third Sector Team


Current Funding Opportunities

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