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Older People’s Mental Health - Healthy Ageing Resources

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There are some new resources that have been developed by OHID, with a focus on older people, to explore ways for rebuilding confidence lost during lockdown.

“Getting Back to Me” includes 2 documents; a personal plan intended to guide an individual through a reflection on their usual day, and a supplement document with content to promote open conversation and provide some key contact points.

A completed plan serves as an aide memoire for the individual and their support network with realistic and personal ideas for how to make lifestyle changes to improve their current experience.

Some further information about the resources:

•            These resources have been created to prompt conversations with an older person and explore some of the impacts the pandemic may have had on their day to day experience

•            The intention is for these documents to be talked through by someone close to the older person (family member, carer, volunteer, district nurse etc.) but the individual can also use the resource privately if appropriate

•            The conversation should inspire the individual to find their own way to make simple changes, that they are comfortable with

•            Content is informed by the NHS every mind matters campaign, Age UK and Mind sources

They are available here: Older People’s Mental Health (yhphnetwork.co.uk)

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