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What is the Welcome Mentor Programme?

Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants are often vulnerable when placed in our communities, as they often lack the language and support networks to help them access services and integrate in the community.

The Welcome Mentor programme, co-ordinated by Steffi Rogers, has been developed to offer a volunteer support/befriending service to help reduce some of the barriers and alleviate the feeling of isolation.  Our volunteer mentors speak over 50 different languages.

What support do the Welcome Mentors offer?

The Mentors are there to help refugees, asylum seekers and migrants settle in Kirklees and help them navigate through what can be a complicated process to starting again in new environment.

  • Mentors can also help provide the following:
  • Access to NHS services including assisting with registering at medical centres, opticians and dental practices and help planning for visits to hospitals or specialist appointments
  • Support and advice on how to access services such as food banks, migrant groups and legal advice
  • Support to access English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) assessments and ESOL classes
  • Assistance helping to identify and access community activity to support integration
  • Help with housing applications and universal credit

We try to work flexibly and if there are other specific needs, we are always open to exploring whether these needs can be met.

I know someone who would benefit from a mentor, who do I contact?

If you would like to refer a person for support please complete the referral form:


I’m interested in volunteering but I don’t have 10+ hours spare a week?

No problem, volunteers are asked to be a mentor for 2 – 4 hours per month.

Brilliant….but I feel as though I don’t have the skills to be a successful Mentor?

You will work with a co-ordinator from Third Sector Leaders (TSL) Kirklees to plan how best to support your mentee and you will also receive regular training and skills development to make the experience the best for both yourself and your mentee.

We will also aim to match you with someone who shares your language, heritage, hobbies and interests.

I want in, how can I apply to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the short application at:


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