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Girlguiding Huddersfield Ramsden: Volunteer Story

Girlguiding Huddersfield Ramsden division have over 70 adult volunteers and 10 young volunteers.

A volunteer story from one of their Leaders

“Nearly one year into volunteering with Girlguiding and I can honestly say the rewards are worth the hard work and time.  When I initially agreed to do the Leadership training and take on a Rainbows unit I wasn’t sure if we’d get any interest, having only a core unit of 8.  Now into my third term of planning, we have a full unit of 15 girls, and I look forward to planning fun activities each week for my girls.  Seeing their smiling faces and getting positive feedback from parents makes all the effort worthwhile.

The support from my fellow leaders and Division is amazing and I’m loving every minute of it.”

You can find out more about volunteering as a Leader or Assistant with Huddersfield Ramsden Division of the Girl Guides here:


They also have opportunities to volunteer in an admin role:


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