Guidance for Re-Opening Community Facilities

New Government Guidelines for Community Centres, Village Halls, and Multi-Use Community Facilities

The guidance for community buildings is changing Saturday 4th July.  Until then community centres could be used for a permitted activities only:

  1. essential voluntary activities and urgent public support
  2. early years childcare
  3. indoor markets

From 4th July, however, it’s at the discretion of centre managers to decide whether they want to open of any permitted activity as long as they can make their space Covid19 secure.  When doing this, they will need to take into consideration their responsibilities to both their employees and volunteers.

The core principles within the Government guidance cover:

  1. Safety, public health guidance, hygiene and social distancing, including:
    1. Social distancing and capacity
    2. Cleaning
    3. Hygiene and face covering
    4. Vulnerable people
    5. Toilets
    6. Noise
    7. Collecting customer data for Track and Trace
    8. Travel and parking
  2. Permitted activities, including:
    1. Early years and youth provision
    2. Voluntary sector and other service provision
    3. Recreation, leisure and social gatherings
    4. Meetings and civic functions
    5. Retail and shop facilities
    6. Places of worship
    7. Office spaces
    8. Outdoor space
  3. Enforcement


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