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Haneef’s Volunteer Story

Haneef is a Dementia Awareness Raising Volunteer at Kirklees Dementia Hub and a Peer Support Volunteer at Richmond Fellowship.

How did you find out about volunteering?

I found out about different volunteering roles on the Third Sector Leaders Kirklees website through the website of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYFT).

What type of activities do you usually do as a volunteer?

The type of activities range from Dementia awareness raising volunteering, support in public and mental health awareness, being a member of Diabetes UK, Epilepsy Action and National Deaf Children’s Society. Specifically, helping to support Kirklees Dementia Hub (KDH) in raising dementia awareness across Kirklees, trained as a Dementia Ambassador to deliver Dementia friends sessions, face to face and online and help deliver KDH bespoke Dementia training package.

What do you like about your volunteer role?

After working for about three decades in the legal profession in India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, I am now interested to contribute to the society in the
best possible way.

I like to meet new people and that I can support vulnerable people in need. Raising awareness for public and mental health fills me with a great deal of pride and mental satisfaction. I like the interactions with different like-minded individuals and professionals who contribute and serve the volunteering sector. Furthermore, I love the essence of the work being about education, something that was especially
lacking when I was growing up.

How has volunteering made a difference to you?

Volunteering definitely made a noticeable difference in me. We can experience a meaningful change in our lives by observing and experiencing different stages of life. The fears, difficulties, resilience of different vulnerability groups. Meeting new people, learning new skills, dealing with unfamiliar situations with added care skills acquired through Care Academy, London arranged by KDH/Inspire North.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your volunteering experience?

Volunteering to help is a continuous process. We help people, directly or indirectly through out one’s life at professional and personal level. We help our class fellows in our school and university level. We help our neighbours, acquaintance and even strangers.

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Search for your perfect volunteering role here https://tslkirklees.org.uk/volunteering-roles.

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