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MARGARET’s Volunteer Story

Margaret volunteers at Clem’s Garden as a gardener.

How did you find out about volunteering?

A friend who already volunteered at Clem’s. 

What type of activities do you usually do as a volunteer?

Everything involved in growing flowers – preparing the soil, planting seeds, taking cuttings, planting out, weeding, pruning, cutting flowers and seasoning them – for selling; preparing / arranging flowers for sale or weddings/other events.

What do you like about your volunteer role?

Gardening is such a therapeutic activity – its creative and calming. It can be hard work if you want it to be so gives you exercise. Its lovely to be part of a team of people working together. The company is great, new friendships are made. Its good to have some routine and be productive and the pleasure on people’s faces when they receive the flowers makes it very worthwhile.

How has volunteering made a difference to you?

Meeting new people and making friends; giving me a weekly routine now I’m retired; its calming when I’m feeling frustrated or anxious and distracting if I’m worrying; its purposeful and makes a difference to people’s lives. During the pandemic it was good to be able to cheer people up with our jars of flowers. It enables me to feel like I am making a positive contribution, whilst also having a great time.

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