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One Community Foundation seeks trustees

One Community Foundation gives grants to community organisations across Kirklees. Funds sometimes come from businesses or wealthy individuals and sometimes from public bodies or charitable trusts. The Foundation aims to keep administrative costs down so that more money meets local needs.

We’re currently looking for new trustees – that is, volunteers at the highest level of our charity, ensuring the charity is working legally and effectively.

To be a trustee, you don’t need to be an expert or have done something like this before as you’ll learn loads as you go along. If you are willing and able to work together with other trustees to make the right decisions for the charity, then you can be a trustee.

Trustees can be all ages, backgrounds, abilities, cultures, experiences and views.  In fact, we believe a diverse group of trustees can help the charity to see options and problems from different perspectives, and so help us to make better decisions.

Trustees are expected to attend board meetings and also to take part in the panels that make decisions about where grants go. You will need to respond to emails between meetings and be able to prepare and read the papers for meetings so you can play your part. In total, you may need to give half a day a month on average.

Being a trustee is a fantastic way to contribute to your community and make a difference to disadvantaged people’s lives. You’ll develop strategic management, collective decision making and other valuable skills, and you’ll grow in confidence.

You can be a One Community Trustee and still be involved in other community organisations – including those who receive grants from the Foundation. We have processes for managing conflicts of interest.

The closing date for formally expressing interest in being a trustee and sending in your CV is Fri 5 Aug. Take the first step and email Emma@one-community.org.uk to arrange an informal chat with the CEO, Emma Woods-Bolger.

We’re facing an exciting and challenging future and it would be great if you could be part of it. You can find out more about One Community at www.one-community.org.uk.

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