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Pandemic Volunteering Stories – Paulette, Volunteer with Hope Newsome Food Bank

What do you do in your Volunteer role?

I started volunteering in 2018, I manage Hope Newsome food bank which delivers food and other essential items to local people in need. During the pandemic we have seen an increase in need for the food bank. My role involves collating client information, drawing up delivery routes and collecting donations from supermarket, businesses, schools and individuals. I also deal with enquiries, oversee the volunteers and greet any people that come to the food bank.

As well as delivering food we also started to deliver hygiene packs during covid, including face coverings. We have also started putting together baking kits for children which includes everything they need, for example the gingerbread set includes a baking tray, ingredients and a biscuit cutter.

What have you found rewarding or memorable about your experience?

Due to COVID-19 we have got to know the Newsome community even more, we have some lovely people living in Newsome that are willing to share their experiences happy or sad and are still able to have a laugh during the pandemic. The beneficiaries of our foodbank need a helping hand and by building a trusting/healthy relationship we can support them; I have no doubt that they will support us in return.

Find out more

There are a number of food banks operating across Kirklees and need has increased during the pandemic. The largest foodbank in Kirklees is the Welcome Centre: https://www.thewelcomecentre.org/

You can find out more about Hope Newsome Food Bank by visiting their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pg/HopeNewsomeFoodBank/posts/

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