Community Anchor


Opening Doors

TSL Kirklees has set up a network of Community Anchor organisations to work with GPs and local Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across Kirklees and help signpost people to appropriate local support as an alternative to or alongside medical intervention.
(PCNs are local networks that GPs have formed themselves as part of the NHS Long Term Plan in order to provide a structure for local funding and services and to better meet the needs of their patients. There are 9 PCNs in Kirklees.)

What is a TSL Kirklees Community Anchor organisation?

A respected local voluntary sector organisation which understands its neighbourhood and supports other community groups to collaborate with Council/ Health partners to address local priorities and needs.

The current Community Anchors are:
North Kirklees

  • Yorkshire Children’s Centre (Jo Cox House)
  • Batley and Spen More in Common
  • Paddock Community Trust

South Kirklees

  • Holmfirth Tech
  • Colne Valley Care Co-operative
  • Denby Dale Centre
  • Huddersfield Mission
  • LS2Y
  • Paddock Community Trust

Mental Health (all of Kirklees)

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Aims of the TSL Kirklees Community Anchor network:

The community anchor network offers Covid-19 response work to meet needs in communities; it works with local Primary Care Networks and Kirklees Council to develop strong partnerships to sustain effective neighbourhood support.

Role of a Community Anchor

Community anchors are independent local organisations who are well connected with local services, partnerships and grassroots groups, offer long term commitment to the local community and are committed to community-led change.


Community anchors know their area and its needs and opportunities. They are familiar with local services and can help community groups to navigate them. They understand local Council and health priorities and can provide local information.


Community anchors are responsive and reliable, they listen, keep in touch with partners and are open to change. They are good at networking, advocacy and influencing.

Key responsibilities and priorities

Covid-19 response

Community anchors work with Kirklees Community Response and mutual aid groups/community groups to ensure local people receive practical support, respond to future infection spikes and lockdown situations by scaling up this work.

Contribute to development of positive health and wellbeing in local communities

Community anchors work with wellbeing charities and other community organisations to provide wellbeing and mental health support. Working with community groups, they provide interventions to address financial hardship and support access to services.

Community capacity building and support

Community anchors support groups, including mutual aid groups to develop, access funding, connect with each other and link with wider community provision.

Primary Care Network Engagement Work

Community anchors support local Primary Care Network priorities and contribute to the development of shared local plans.

Partnerships and networking

Community anchors work closely with TSL, Council teams, health and other partners to contribute to development of local place-based working