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Health, Social Care & Wellbeing

Networking and information for organisations in Kirklees that support people’s health, social care and wellbeing, helping them connect with local health partnerships

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connect with new strategic health partnerships

Due to a recent reorganisation of NHS in England (see FAQs below for more details), the VCSE sector is now a key partner in the Kirklees Health and Care Partnership. This is a statutory body that works on developing a joined-up health and care strategy for Kirklees.

This means that via TSL Kirklees (as the umbrella body for the sector in Kirklees) and other independent VCSE representatives, we have a say in what happens locally in terms of health, social care and wellbeing.

To help inform this new work and bring together local groups that are working in health, social care or wellbeing, we have created a new Kirklees VCSE Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network. You can join the mailing list below and you will be invited to an online meeting every 2 months.

our third sector health reps

The VCSE health representatives will give updates at the bi-monthly network meetings and in the news section at the bottom of this page.

The reps are:

  • Hilary Thompson, Independent Member, Kirklees ICB Committee
  • Dipika Kaushal (Northorpe Hall CFT), VCSE Partner Member, Kirklees ICB Committee (& Delivery Collaborative)
  • David Quarmby (Outlookers), Digital Transformation
  • Mark Farmer (YCC), West Yorkshire Prevention Board
  • Rachel Horner (Age UK C&K), Delivery Collaborative
  • Alasdair Brown (KAL), TSL Kirklees representative, Kirklees Heath and Wellbeing Board
  • Kerri Flanagan (Home-Start Kirklees), ICB Quality Sub Group

You can also send them information and feedback at any time (by clicking on the button or scanning the QR code below and filling in the quick online form) to take to their next committee or board meeting.

Scan to send feedback to the third sector health reps


how has the nHS changed?

Since 2016 NHS England had been moving towards working in informal regional and local partnerships that help integrate health, social care and wellbeing and give people joined up long-term support for all their health and care needs. This is known as an Integrated Care System (ICS)

In July 2022, this became law, and there are now 42 regional ICSs across England with statutory powers and responsibilities.

In each area there is an ICB – the statutory body that is responsible for planning and funding most NHS services in that area – and an ICP – the statutory committee that brings together local partners to develop a health and care strategy for that area.

Each region or area is split into smaller geographical areas known as ‘places’. These are generally local authority areas, and each place has it’s own ICP.

Each of those ‘places’ is also split into smaller areas known as ‘neighbourhoods’. These are generally groups of GP practices working together with local community health and social care services, called Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Read ‘Integrated Care Systems Explained’ on the King’s Fund website.

The King’s Fund: How does the NHS in England work and how is it changing?

What is an integrated care board (ICB)?

An Integrated Care Board is a new type of statutory body, governed by partners and focussed on collaboration and a means of driving improved health outcomes for people at a local level.

There is now a West Yorkshire ICB, know as West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, and each of the 5 local authority areas within West Yorkshire have their own ICB too.

These partnerships are generally made up of the local NHS, other health and care providers, the local council, local Healthwatch and voluntary and community sector organisations

Read more about why things have changed (in an easy read format).

who is part of the kirklees icb?

The Kirklees ICB, known as Kirklees Health & Care Partnership is made up of:

  • the local NHS Trusts
  • the local Primary Care Networks
  • other local healthcare providers such as Locala, Local Care Direct, The Kirkwood, and Community Pharmacy
  • public sector bodies such as Kirklees Council, West Yorkshire Police, and West Yorkshire Fire Service
  • Healthwatch Kirklees
  • TSL Kirklees representing the local VCSE sector

See the full list of partners

Find out more about the partnership and its work

What is a primary care network (PCN)?

What is social prescribing?

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