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Kirklees Health Needs Assessment for gypsies and travellers - resources and video

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Leeds GATE employee and member of the Romani Gypsy community in Kirklees has made a short video that aims to reach those who identify as Gypsies or Travellers in Kirklees to get in touch.

You can use this video freely and without seeking further permissions.

We encourage you to use it on your social media channels and beyond. You may have screens in a waiting area you could use it on or embed it in an email. You will know your service best and can hopefully identify the best means of distribution.

Remember that literacy is an issue for many Gypsies and Travellers so if you do accompany the video with text please keep it short and use plain English.

It would be useful if you added your support to the video wherever you distribute it e.g. though text ‘we are proudly supporting this call to action’.

We think it is simpler for the recipients of the information to only have contact details for Leeds GATE. If people call us we will ask them where they saw the video and will put them in touch with you where needed.

People may choose to DM you, reply to the email or leave a comment so make sure you have a way of monitoring and responding.

Any questions or comments please contact Rachel Trafford at Leeds GATE at: rachel.t@leedsgate.co.uk or Lucy Wearmouth from Public Health at Kirklees Council: lucy.wearmouth@kirklees.gov.uk.

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