YCC ensure the Healthy Start provision is accessible to families with in Kirklees

Yorkshire Children’s Centre’s role is to administer and promote the National Healthy Start Scheme. 

The Healthy Start Scheme provides eligible pregnant women and children under 4 with  FREE vitamin supplements and weekly monetary vouchers to buy healthy food. As part of Marcus Rashford’s #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY campaign, from the 1st April 2021 the value of the vouchers have increased from £3.10 to £4.25 per week. Despite this, the take-up of the vouchers by those eligible is plummeting across the country. 

Health Professionals play a key role in the application process and in signposting the availability of the free Healthy Start vitamins. Research shows that women who are introduced to the scheme by a professional, who takes time to explain its public health context and health benefits, are more likely to understand the benefits rather than as a simple financial contribution. They may therefore be more likely to make best use of the scheme to ensure every child has the best start in life. 

Thriving Kirklees want to work better together with professionals that families are already being supported by to help educate, raise awareness and to increase the number of distribution points – overall encouraging uptake by those families most in need. 

What is Healthy Start? 

Healthy Start helps give families the very best start in life.

‘Healthy Start’ is a statutory government scheme to improve the health of low-income pregnant women and families with young children on benefits and universal credits. It provides a great opportunity for professionals and others working with pregnant women and families to offer encouragement, information and advice on issues such as healthy eating and vitamins.

Eligible families will receive FREE monetary vouchers every week to spend on milk, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. Families will also receive monthly coupons which can be exchanged for FREE maternal and children vitamin supplements. 

Find out more

Download the general guide and application leaflet for Healthy Start below.

You can also find details of how to become a distribution centre for local families to access vitamin supplements.

If you require a stock of application leaflets, you can contact Yorkshire Children’s Centre on Tel: 01484 415465 OR via Email: thrivingkirklees@yccuk.org.uk

Alternatively, families can contact Healthy Start directly on 0345 607 6823.

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