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About Us

We are a local charity and membership organisation created by the third sector themselves. We are here to both represent and support you.

TSL Kirklees started out as a group of like-minded leaders of third sector organisations who wanted to work together and support each other.  It developed into a membership organisation that aimed to bring together and represent the whole of the third sector in Kirklees, and in 2015 became a fully-fledged charity. We are still a membership organisation at heart, but now also work to support and grow the sector in Kirklees, and act as an umbrella body for a number of projects that will help us do that.

We work with voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises, clubs, associations and other not-for-profit organisations in Kirklees to help them achieve their aims, and do more. They can access any of our free projects and services, and can also choose to pay a minimal fee and become members.

We have a small staff team who are based in Huddersfield, but work throughout Kirklees, together with a specialist team of project development workers. We are managed by a Board of Trustees.

Our Mission

  • To support and champion the third sector throughout Kirklees.
  • To create a united voice that can shout about what we do, promote and develop the sector.
  • To help organisations work together to change lives and do things better in our local communities.

Our Vision

  • To help build a thriving third sector in Kirklees that is an essential part of the future of our district.
  • To help grow a range of sustainable organisations that make a valuable and recognised contribution to the local community and economy
  • To help create skilled and effective leadership, workforce and volunteers.

Current Projects

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