How CLW are helping to keep projects going

  • Nature’s Footprints 'Time for You': Nature’s Footprints set up a community project working to support families, with a particular focus on mums under pressure .'Time for You' has grown and many happy relationships have developed.
  • COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions have placed enormous pressure on individuals and families. Supported by Community Learning Works, 'Time For You' has delivered fortnightly packs of crafting materials, worksheets, activities and games. They have kept in touch via WhatsApp and Facebook groups, and shared photos and tips.
  • There is space to offload, encourage, build up, support, laugh, inspire, create, craft, chat, advise and more. Many of the members say the groups are helping each other to see it through. Here are a few words from members who have said that the space has had a positive impact on their life:

"I have a friendship support network, particularly from parents who also have SEN Children."

"I have much more confidence in my ability to be creative."

"I feel that I matter and I am reminded of that through the support of other members of the group."

"I have a space to be me, I don't think I ever realised how important that was before. I feel like I had forgotten who I was."

"Continued support through the lockdown. This has been hard for everyone, but having a regular activity drop off has been amazing. Also, seeing encouraging words and support from all members. We will all come out of this different people, but by coming to 'Time for You', I have realised that I do matter. Spending time making myself happy is important, and that is what I am missing right now."


  • Growing Works: Growing Works is a local charity promoting positive mental wellbeing for people/families with complex needs, or mental health challenges. They provide outdoor therapeutic activity, inclusive and creative opportunities for physical activity which promote good health in communities.
  • During lockdown, they have been staying connected to their participants and volunteers, and extending their reach to new families and communities. These activities are being supported through funding from Community Learning Works, and National Lottery.
  • These activities include staying connected through text, call or message on ongoing basis; vulnerable adults twice weekly, families fortnightly;
  • Encouraging connection to outdoors by use of social media. Activities are tailored to the general public, vulnerable adults or families with needs. They are promoted via open and closed Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram.
  • They have also been encouraging engagement with the natural environment within isolation guidelines.
  • Providing activity and wellbeing packs tailored to participant groups. These are posted out to vulnerable groups and available on website. These include ID charts, simple activities, small items such as herbal tea, wildflower seeds to be sown in derelict ground. If the postal service becomes unreliable, they will seek volunteer support to hand deliver.

To request an activity and wellbeing pack, click here

For more information about an activity and wellbeing pack, click here


  • Support 2 Recovery (S2R): S2R Create Space is an independent Kirklees mental health charity offering a range of well-being, creative and outdoor workshops.
  • At the beginning on the COVID-19 crisis, they suspended face-to-face sessions and immediately moved to online classes and workshops. They offer live sessions on Facebook, which are then available to view at leisure on their website.
  • Workshop topics include making cosmetics from natural products, weaving and stitching workshops, and outdoor activities like making birdfeeders. They are also running a 50 Day Nature Challenge on social media, where each day, they share simple activities and tasks to try at home, either in the garden, or out and about where possible.
  • Many people who are isolating are vulnerable, and need support to maintain their wellbeing. Some may not have internet access, or the confidence, skills and equipment for digital connection. So, funded by Third Sector Leaders and Community Learning Works, S2R have put together some physical packs, for vulnerable individuals who do not have internet access, or are unable to access social media. There are 6 bi-weekly packs, which can be emailed or posted as hard copies.
  • Each pack has a different theme and contents, all designed to keep people safe but occupied whilst isolating or social distancing. Each pack has hints and tips on healthy living, and various activities that can be done at home, or safely outside - for example, craft activities and materials to make things like friendship bracelets. S2R has signed an information agreement with the Council in order to receive referrals; they follow strict infection control guidelines when preparing paper packs.
  • S2R are also planning new online workshops including cooking with a community foodworker; sewing, drawing and music sessions.


  • Grow to School: Grow to School works to grow food in community and school settings across Kirklees. Normally, they would grow with over 5000 people in these settings. However, these activities have now been curtailed during lockdown. Children and families are missing their sessions and they have come up with an innovative approach to enthuse and engage them in different ways.
  • Schools and community hubs provide vital support for communities and their closure has resulted in further isolation for the vulnerable and marginalised. By using existing networks, they will create a new and vital community of food growers across Kirklees.
  • The Growing Together Kirklees project aims to work in some of the 10-20% most deprived areas, where people have poor access to fresh food and diets suffer as a result. The situation is worsened now, as many who usually benefit from free school meals and lunch clubs are unable to access these crucial sources of nutrition.
  • GtK will help people spend time nurturing and growing vegetables, fruit and flowers at home, on windowsills, in yards and gardens, providing an opportunity to spend time outdoors together. Gardening has benefits for mental and physical health and has the potential to support and improve family relationships.
  • The project is receiving funding from Community Learning Works and Thriving Kirklees to buy seeds, plant pots and other materials to create growing packs for growing at home, including where to go for further information and support.


  • Community Skill Centre: A small community organisation at Hillhouse Community Centre are delivering courses and workshops in creative new ways to keep supporting their learners– many of whom are refugees and asylum seekers. Sessions help to improve English language skills and boost wellbeing through enjoyable activities. All are delivered via Zoom with phone, WhatsApp and text support.
  • They are also running a Health and Wellbeing course, which gives advice on staying safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Film and Drama: Will be including viewings and commentaries of film and song clips online and via YouTube.
  • Participants will receive script dialogues to practise English language skills and improve confidence.


  • English for Everyone: Help to improve English language skills with news, culture and current affairs, wellbeing activities, hobbies, interests and peer support.


  • Proper Job Theatre Company: Was found through its partnership with Community Learning Works. Proper Job has developed a highly successful Skill Swap group – a learning group which is led by its members who share skills and learn together drawing on community resources. Proper Job also deliver weekly Feel Good Friday and Motivation Monday groups to support people to start and end the week with a positive mindset, also funded by CLW. These groups have transferred their activities online during lockdown; with activities such as WhatsApp walks, exercise and music sessions providing a much needed and valued source of support and motivation for people at a difficult time. They have also produced a Corona Crisis Cookbook of simple, healthy affordable recipes made from store cupboard and easy to source ingredients.


Image attributes: JillWellington via Pixabay 

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