Registering with a GP

Message from West Yorkshire and Harrgate Cancer Alliance

The Cancer Alliance are promoting GP registration amongst those without a fixed address to enable the COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed more equally. 

GP access card campaign –  comms toolkit and assets

We are aware that some people experience barriers when trying to register with a GP. Despite national restrictions put in place as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still important to encourage GP registration within our communities, to ensure that everyone receives care and is prioritised for the COVID-19 vaccine.

GP access cards are being distributed by local Healthwatch and voluntary organisations to vulnerable communities who are less likely to be registered with a GP. The card, similar in look to a credit card, is accompanied by a welcome to GP letter from Dr Raj Patel and provides details of how to register.

On the back of the card is the NHS England Customer Contact Centre number, for people to use if they have been refused registration. Practices should not be turning people away who try to register without proof of ID/ address or immigration status. Anyone in England is entitled to register with a GP.

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