An Invitation for the Third Sector to Join the Council's Integrated Systems Leadership Events

Build relationships with other people in your locality and connect to the Kirklees 7 Shared Outcomes and Health and Wellbeing Plan

All organisations welcome. Lunch included.

Steve Brennan, Kirklees Place Programme Director would like to invite representatives from the third sector to take part in the lastest workshops in both North and South Kirklees, designed to build authentic relationships and create new systems that get things done in our communities. Steve said,

We had a few people from third sector organisations attend last time and it really helped to bring a different perspective to the events.

Ideally, people should attend the event in the area in which they work. These are:

  • Greater Huddersfield/South Kirklees: 7th February 2020, Textile Centre, Huddersfield 9.30-3.30
  • North Kirklees: 4th February 2020, Batley Library and Art Gallery, Batley, 9.30-3.30


  • Registration & coffee from 9.00
  • Lunch included
  • Informal but serious work to be done
  • Focused on grown up conversations and actions not gimmicks

This workshop will focus on:

  • Continuing with the relationship building
  • Getting together with people in their locality – what is the work you need to do?
  • Modelling the organisation, system and relationships needed
  • Understand place based ways of working and asset based approaches to working with communities


  • Inspire people to express leadership from whatever role they have
  • Connect people to the Seven Kirklees Outcomes and the Health and Wellbeing Plan so that it drives their day to day decisions.
  • Build authentic relationships because that is the mechanism through which work gets done
  • Recognise the collective power in the room
  • Hear each other’s positive stories of working across boundaries for the benefit of the people of Kirklees
  • Shifting their sense of identity from working for one organisation to improving the health and wellbeing of Kirklees people
  • Create a wave of system leadership – people go out and inspire others with it as the way of working

For further details, please contact

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