BREAKING NEWS: New Local Lockdown for Whole of Kirklees


The Government has announced that the whole of Kirklees will be going back into local lockdown, from Tuesday 22nd September 2020.  This means that (from 12am Monday night/Tuesday morning) people from different households in Kirklees will no longer be able to socialise and mix in houses and gardens. 


Local Lockdown Plus New Rule of 6

This is combined with the new ‘Rule of 6’ Law (see below for more information) outside of those settings.  Kirklees Council also have their own policy preventing local gatherings of over 30 people.

No Change for Businesses

This new local lockdown shouldn’t affect businesses in any way and there are no extra restrictions or curfews in place for them. They have published some basic information and FAQs and will be adding to this, answering questions and looking at the full implications next week. 

They will also start to give some guidance on forthcoming events and celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

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