FREE Wellbeing Taster Sessions & Courses For Your Community Group

Local independent mental health charity, S2R, can run free wellbeing or nature roadshows for your group

S2R, working with our partners at Community plus and Community Learning works are now able to offer some special FREE sessions to improve the wellbeing of your community groups at your community venue.

Wellbeing Roadshow: This 5 week course explores some practical techniques that help you understand and improve your wellbeing. Helping you deal with things like stress, poor sleep and the little knocks that life can bring.

Natures Roadshow Outdoor: taster sessions and longer courses. Our Great Outdoors Project has a long track record in helping people discover the wellbeing benefits of Nature and being outdoors. We can give you a one off personalised taster session tailored to your needs where we can explore activities like outdoor cooking, planting. Upcycling and walking to name a few. This might lead you to a longer programme of activities with us.

Download a copy of Your Wellbeing Your Community flyers

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