Kirklees Suicide Prevention Programme

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership (WY&H HCP) has brought together partners to develop a regional Suicide Prevention Strategy to tackle suicide. The plan sets out how partners will work together to reduce suicide by 10% across the West Yorkshire and Harrogate area, and by 75% in targeted areas. The partnership will continue to take a multi-agency approach to achieve their strategic vision:

All suicides are preventable, and partners will adopt a collaborative evidence-based approach resulting in fewer people dying by suicide.

The WY&H HCP has allocated funding to each of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate local authorities (from NHS England monies) to undertake place-based suicide prevention projects. Here in Kirklees, we want everyone to lead a life with good mental health and wellbeing which has a reciprocal relationship with physical health. Public Health lead the local Suicide Prevention Action group for Kirklees. This is made up of multi-agency partners who all contribute to the suicide prevention agenda, from early intervention and prevention through to crisis support. Projects supported through this funding will be contributing to the Kirklees action plan and suicide prevention outcomes at a local level.

Place-based suicide prevention projects

Our communities can play a vital role in suicide prevention through the implementation of specific and relevant suicide prevention programmes. They can provide social support to vulnerable individuals and engage in follow-up care, fight stigma and support those bereaved by suicide.

We are looking for community groups and/or third sector organisations, who are GAP (Grant Access Point) registered* to develop a person-centred, bottom-up approach to place-based prevention programmes which engage with individuals focusing on place-based community prevention work with middle aged men (trying where possible to think about having a focus one or more of the following risk factors:

· living alone

· out of work

· previous self-harm,

· relationship difficulties/breakdown

· existing mental health condition

To find out more please download the grant information below.

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