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The Big Help Out: Advertise Your One-Off Volunteering Activities

The national volunteer recruitment campaign, The Big Help Out, has now launched.

During this campaign, which is linked to the King’s Coronation, organisations can choose to offer a ‘one-off’ or taster volunteering activity, aimed at attracting members of the public who aren’t currently volunteering.

The activity could happen on the extra Bank Holiday of Monday 8th May but also on any other date between March and August 2023. If you would like to use the campaign to promote regular volunteering you could hold an online or in-person Volunteer Information session as part of the Big Help Out which people can sign up to.

How do I list an activity?

To list your Big Help Out activity on our website please use the usual method of logging in to your dashboard https://tslkirklees.org.uk/log-in and adding a new volunteer role:

  • Then list the role as a ‘one-off’ opportunity
  • Please also mention the ‘Big Help Out’ in your description

We will then include your advert on our Big Help Out page (coming soon) which will link to the national site.

If you need any help with this, please contact Becky Bracey, Volunteer Services lead becky@tslkirklees.org.uk.

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