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Unlocking the Power of Song – Free events for people in Kirklees to support wellbeing, build strength and resilience and grow in wisdom and compassion

The National Foundation for Giving Voice  (NFGV) is looking for groups and individuals in Kirklees to share in our work supporting wellbeing through the power of song.

Our approach is about unlocking the power of song, and discovering how to do this in daily life to support wellbeing, build strength and resilience and grow in wisdom and compassion. It requires no musical or vocal expertise, and doesn’t even require us to sing!  The basics can be grasped quickly and with ease, particularly by people with little or no musical experience or perceived ability.

Called ‘Giving Voice’, it’s based on an approach developed by health pioneer Jill Rakusen after developing M.E. over 30 years ago, and which she’s taught ever since.

We can offer a free online or in person (depending on location) introduction for interested members/trustees/volunteers/staff.

These one-off sessions offer an experience that can then be built on afterwards in a number of ways, including through using our lovely book, Unlocking the Power of Song – A Companion for Challenging Times  by Jill Rakusen. This has proved successful with others, and we would be very happy to explore with groups a way of initiating this. We’d also be more than happy to be interviewed or supply some text for websites and newsletters.

The book describes how Jill developed her approach, what she gained, and how others can too. It also includes many inspiring and illuminating experiences shared by people using her approach – to address a range of issues, such as relationship issues, chronic health problems, or concerns about the state of the world.

Here’s a comment from a recent session –

“I feel I’ve been given something really useful, something very precious.  I want all my friends and family to come to a session!”

We’re a charity that believes in this work, and what Unlocking The Power Of Song offers. We’re particularly keen to offer opportunities for people living with chronic illness and all the challenges this can bring. We’re not a commercial organisation, and most people, including the book’s author, have given their time and energy to this project with love and without remuneration.

You can get in touch with us by emailing info@givingvoicefoundation.org.uk.

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