What to do if your organisation has suffered financially

Charities hit financially by coronavirus will be able to apply will be able to apply for government loans if more than half their income comes from trading activity.

Those that require an extension to their annual return deadline should contact the Charity Commission.

In a statement from the Commission: “The charity sector will face challenges of looking after its staff, volunteers and trustees who may fall ill, have to self-isolate, or have to look after loved ones.

"The sector has a vital role to play in looking after its beneficiaries, many of whom will be amongst the most vulnerable during this public health emergency.

"We want to assure charities that our approach to regulation during this period will be as flexible and supportive as possible. Charities’ primary interest, and ours, must be looking after the public and the communities that we serve.

“Charities can feel confident that we will, where possible, act in a pragmatic way by taking account of the wider public interest during this unprecedented period.”

"This means that charities that are due to submit an annual return in the near future, but do not think they will be able to do so, can ask the regulator for a filing extension."

For more information, visit www.gov.uk/government/news/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-the-charity-sector


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