Got a great business idea? Try Dewsbury Soup

Dewsbury Soup is back and is here to help you help out your local community.

The scheme, which began back in 2018, has been set up to provide local businesses, charities and organisations with the funding they need.

Candidates who are interested can apply online and pay £5 on the night of the event. They will also receive a free bowl of soup and a voting card.

They will also have to pitch their ideas to a panel of four judges, who will then decide which project is worthy of the cash grant.

The money for the cash grant is made from all the £5 entry fees. Previous candidates from the Huddersfield Soup have walked away with up to £450.

Speaking to The Intelligent Weekly Press in 2018, co-founder Victoria Cox said:

"I saw Huddersfield Soup and we thought we could do one in Dewsbury and that it would make a difference.

We just thought it would be worth trying and seeing if there’s interest, which it seems like there is because lots of people are offering to help and get involved."

For more information about how to get involved, visit or email


Image attributes: geralt via Pixabay

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