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NCS Programme North Kirklees Volunteer Opportunities

Huddersfield Town Foundation are responsible for delivering the NCS Summer 2022 Programme across North Kirklees (Batley, Dewsbury, Mirfield, Thornhill).

The NCS Programme in North Kirklees will involve 210 Young People (predominantly Year 11 students who have just finished GCSEs) and their second week involves the completion of a Social Action Project.

Across the summer, our 210 YPs will provide a total of 6,300 hours of volunteer time. Each team consists of 15 YPs which means each individual Project will have 450 hours available.  In previous years, we have assisted North Kirklees causes such as local and national Charities operating in the area, Community Centres and specific locations (parks, retirement homes).

This Summer, the 3 weeks allocated to Social Action Projects will be: w/c 25 Jul, w/c 8 Aug and w/c 22 Aug.

As the organisers of the NCS Programme, the Huddersfield Town Foundation can’t arrange for specific projects to be undertaken. Each team of YPs will research the volunteering opportunities available in North Kirklees and will select a cause that resonates with them. The Foundation can provide information to the Teams regarding good causes for them consider.

For any local Projects that would welcome support, if they could send a summary of their organisation and what help they require, we can share that with our YPs. The more compelling the cause, the more it is likely to resonate with our YPs and spark their interest and desire to engage with your cause.

Contact Fraser Clark, Head of NCS for more information: Fraser.Clark@htafcfoundation.com

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