Carer and Care Worker Support Service

We are a new social enterprise offering emotional wellbeing support in the coporate sector and in the community.

We have responded to the Covid crisis by moving it entirely online and we have 8 practitioners ready to deliver one to one sessions. At the moment this is on a volunteer basis, but to be sustainable we need funding, which we are applying for. We would love to work with other organisations working in Kirklees to access carers and care workers who are suffering from emotional overwhelm, isolation and trauma.

Who are we?

Absolute Specialist Wellbeing is a social enterprise. We are a group of highly trained emotional wellbeing practitioners who are looking to support carers and key workers who are working through these challenging times by providing a supportive, safe and confidential space to have a conversation and provide a toolkit to help manage overwhelm, thoughts, anxiety, stress and relationships.

Kirklees carers

Our aim is to support carers and key workers in Kirklees: those in isolation, those working for the council or in a care home and those out in the community doing front line work during the lockdown.

Absolute Specialist Wellbeing

For more information on our company please see link to our website:


Our normal charge is £35 per session however we want everyone to be able to access our services regardless of their financial situation.  Therefore, we ask for an optional donation on a pay--as-you feel basis through a GoFundme site .

We would like to partner with other third sector organisations in Kirklees so we can access people in need of our support, and look forward to connecting with you to work out how to make this work.

Clare Walters (Managing director).


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