Covid19: Access to services for refugees/asylum seekers

TSL Kirklees' Migration Team are continuing to run a number of virtual and remote versions of their services to help refugees/asylum seekers to get the help and support they need.

These include:

  1. TW4E: A new telephone contact support service for registered users. A Telephone Welcome Mentor will befriend and support refugees/asylum seekers during in the COVID-19. They will be provide with support to access help for the people you support who are most in need.
  2. COVID-19 Information: The #KirkleesWelcomes blog has COVID-19 information in different languages. Click here to find out more
  3. Meet, Try, Learn: Currently closed, however the team will be providing activities and packs for vulnerable people in Kirklees. Please note these are to support mental health and wellbeing, and not food packs.
  4. Facebook: The Kirklees Migration Team can now be contacted on Facebook and have their own Facebook group for partners/service providers!Kirklees Migration Team Facebook pageKirklees Migration Team Facebook group

For more information, visit  or contact Christina Simpkin on 07825 547938 / 01484 519053.

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