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We’re HOOT Creative Arts and we run creative activities that help people to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Adult Mental Health and Creative Arts programme, which you might know better as Out of the Blue/OOB is now available to your service users online through our brand new online portal: HOOT from home.

HOOT from home is a safe, supported and social space where you can:

  • Take part in a creative activity each week, with instructions and inspiration provided by professional community artists & musicians
  • Share your work by uploading to our online gallery (images, video, text & sound)
  • Discuss your work with other participants through online forums
  • Take part in regular live chats with our lead artists and creative support workers

Activities include singing, music making, creative writing, visual arts and digital music. You can connect with others and discover the therapeutic benefits of taking part in creative activities with our experienced and friendly team of Artists and Creative Support Workers. Watch our video here that explains a little more about HOOT from home:

“Wonderful, I’ve really enjoyed doing this. It’s been a highlight of my week and given me lots to do and think about offline too. A real creative anchor in all the chaos, with a fab bunch of people” – a HOOT from home user

Do activities have a cost? 
No, they are free for adults who live in Kirklees.

Do you need any musical/artistic experience? 
Absolutely not, we specialise in offering activities that don’t require previous experience.

Do you need a mental health diagnosis to join? 
Our activities are open to anyone that wants to look after their mental health – no diagnosis is needed to attend.

What if my client doesn’t have internet access? 
We understand that for many people online activities aren’t accessible so we also offer a
HOOT from home visual arts workbook which will be sent in the post.

You can refer your clients online now
via HOOT’s secure website
[Refer now]

Need a little more information?

Email us at to discuss or schedule a phone call with a staff member.

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