Successful launch for Healthy Holidays 2020

Kirklees Youth Alliance (KYA) has received council funding for their Healthy Holidays 2020/21 programme.

The funding will help local holiday clubs with provisions needed to combat 'holiday hunger' in Kirklees. This was highlighted at the Healthy Holidays 2020/21 launch event.

The event, which took place at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield, provided a networking space for Healthy Holiday partners to engage with one another. It also provided information on the partner application process for any clubs that wanted to join the programme as a new partner.  

report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on hunger found that as many as three million children in the UK were returning to school in a worse educational, health and developmental state than that in which they had left in the summer.  

As a result, local voluntary sector organisations, such as KYA and their partners have had to step in order to ensure that children in the Kirklees area are not affected by ‘holiday hunger’. 

Susan Greenwood, Development Manager, Kirklees Youth Alliance said: There’s a significant issue in the school holidays regarding holiday hunger. Many children and young people who ordinarily get free school meals in term time don’t have that in the holidays. We aim to try to fill that gap. 

We want potential delivery partners to come along today and find out about what the process is, find out about the background of the Healthy Holidays Programme, and how they can get involved. 

We hope to get good quality delivery partners, so we’ve got excellent and enjoyable provision for young people over the holidays.” 

Rachael Ainsworth, Community Co-ordinator for the Summers Club said that it was vital that children have activities available to them over the summer holidays. 

She said: “Today’s event is to bring together people who want to provide holiday clubs for children in the area, specifically those that are on free school meals.  

Holiday clubs are vital because school holidays are six weeks long, and children get bored.  

There isn’t a massive provision of free activities in the area. We hope to be able to run some fabulous summer clubs, especially in the areas where it has been identified as ‘needed’.  

We want to reach out to as many children as possible, so that they can get away from their tellies and have some fun in the great outdoors. 

Alice Thomas, Community Co-ordinator for HD5 Rise & Shine mentioned the benefits that networking events have for local school clubs, as well as organisations.  

She said: “Sometimes people don’t always know what providers are out there. We want to help children to have a really good summer, because it’s seven weeks and it’s much longer. 

This event allows you meet new providers, so children can get new experiences, try new activities, especially things they may not have done before. 

Kirklees Youth Alliance is a new umbrella organisation for community groups providing positive activities for young people across Kirklees, West Yorkshire.  

For more information about the Healthy Holidays 2020/21 Programme, or how to get involved as a partner, visit www.  

If you would like the access to PowerPoint registration, you can find it here


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