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Join us on #VCSEPowerKirklees Day in celebrating all the great stuff we do!

From the 28th March to 1st April, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP) have launched an online event to celebrate the work of their partners in the voluntary community social enterprise sector (VCSE).

This week look out for a West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership showcase event celebrating the great work that our sector does in partnership with them and other health colleagues. The event will take place via the Harnessing Power of Communities website & on social media, using the hashtag #VCSEPower. Each day will have a different theme:

  • Our Unique Selling Point
  • Co-designing social prescribing and personalised care
  • Early help on the ground
  • Volunteering
  • Our track record and specialist skillset

and each of the 5 Local Authority Areas (Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Calderdale & Kirklees) will have a featured day as well. Kirklees will be on Wednesday 30th March.

Kirklees showcase selection

TSL Kirklees Community Anchor Network – a new place-based approach to infrastructure support, capacity-building, partnership working & linking the VCSE into PCNs & social prescribing: 

Community Learning – encouraging people who are furthest from formal education and or employment to try new structured community activities that will support their health, wellbeing and learning; 

TSL Kirklees Welcome Mentor Volunteers – supporting new migrants to Kirklees: 

TSL Kirklees Year End Infographics 20-21 – summary of our work & impact:  

Growing for success with Growing Focal in Huddersfield – an award-winning partnership project to support social prescribing & people’s wellbeing in Lindley: 

Well Connected – encouraging more community activity in North Kirklees to support people coming out of lockdown:

Case study – Serendipity Creative Writing – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/case-study-serendipity-creative-writing/

Case study – Umbrella Yoga – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/case-study-north-kirklees-wellbeing-yoga/

Thriving Kirklees Seed Funding Case Study: Family Dance – https://youtu.be/41zspSGqUA4

Wellbeing Experiences – funded wellbeing activities from local community organisations for Covid key workers, including health and social care, local authority and VCSE:

Community cookbook brings people together after lockdown – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/community-cookbook-brings-people-together-after-lockdown/

Eat Well Move More – a social prescribing project helping people improve their health through cooking and exercise classes:

Feeding Kirklees – a new partnership approach to tackling food insecurity & poverty in Kirklees:

Feeding Kirklees: Next Steps Meeting Notes

  • Media

Resource Image

This event, organised by TSL Kirklees in partnership with Kirklees Council, aimed to bring together anyone interested in creating a Kirklees where everyone has equal access to food.

A ‘next steps’ discussion, following the Feeding Kirklees event in July. That event brought together people with an interest in working together to find a sustainable approach to food insecurity.

Threads of Survival – national crafting & Covid commemoration project:

Pandemic Volunteering Stories Exhibition  

Wendy Russell – Trustee & Treasurer, Batley Foodbank – overview as part of Feeding Kirklees initiative – https://youtu.be/Sxjr5i4T6hk 
The Branch – We Volunteer Because…https://youtu.be/exUaySSSyt0 
TSL Kirklees Volunteering website – encouraging and supporting volunteering in Kirklees.  Organisations can register and advertise their volunteering roles through our site (and we promote them at events, via social media & a monthly newsletter) 


Kirklees Volunteering Quality Award – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/what-is-kvqa/ 
Business Volunteering Case Studies – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/team-volunteering-with-a-spectacular-view/ 
Volunteering Stories – https://tslkirklees.org.uk/category/volunteering-news/volunteering-stories/ 

An Introduction to Words in Mind Project (past project) – supporting people with mental health problems and dementia through therapeutic reading groups – https://youtu.be/xoaQCNZpOwQ 

Join us by sharing your stories!

On Wednesday 30th March, join us in sharing and celebrating all the great work our voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises do in Kirklees by sharing your stories, case studies, images, videos about your activities, services, groups and the impact you have on people’s lives. Use the hashtag #VCSEPowerKirklees on anything you post and tag us on social media and we’ll share and re-post as much as we can.

You can find us on:

We have sent in a selection of videos, case studies, presentations and resources for each theme, but please feel free to share your own throughout the week as well (please tag us on social media & use #VCSEPower & #VCSEPowerKirklees) or send things over for us to share – comms@tslkirklees.org.uk.

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