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Raynes’ Volunteer Story

Rayne volunteers as a Healthwatch Volunteer with Healthwatch Kirklees.

How did you find out about volunteering?

I wanted to have a bigger and better involvement in health and social care, help make a difference to the community and be able to share good practice. But also the opportunities to suggest improvements which can be made. Basically, have a big voice for the little voice that’s not always heard.

What type of activities do you usually do as a volunteer?

Obtaining feedback both good and bad and interacting with people and service providers. Proof reading and checking out updated websites. Working with the public with surveys and opinion needed to improve services such as wheelchair services. Updating records for Healthwatch KMC, such as NHS dental services.

What do you like about your volunteer role?

The support from the office and different opportunities to get involved in. There is no pressure. People interaction , training , learning more and understanding health and social care. Especially with the updated changes following the 10 year plan. Actually getting a thanks and made to feel appreciated.

How has volunteering made a difference to you?

I feel I am making a difference to improve services by obtaining feedback on how they can improve their services, learning new things and understanding how health and social care works. I love being part of something which can make a difference to many and feel like I am doing something worthwhile other than just being a mum, a wife and a unpaid carer!

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